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    My name is Meghan! I'm an Art and Design major and Psychology minor with an interest in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University.


    My creative passion lies in gameplay design, world building, and monster creation. My favorite game genres to play are RPGS/JRPGS, Puzzle, Mystery, Creature Collecting, and MMOs.

    I start my creation process with a sketch on paper or my iPad. Once I’ve settled on an idea, I’ll do various thumbnails and roughs to solidify the object design or environment composition, before moving into MediBang Paint Pro for polish. Sometimes, an idea will stay on paper and I’ll use watercolor to bring it to life.

    During my time with the Video Game Development Club, I've helped create 2D games in Unity and 3D games in the Unreal Engine. I also have experience creating 3D assets in Maya and Blender to either rig, animate or export to Unreal for level construction.

    I hope you enjoy my gallery!


    Thank you for visiting!


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