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1 week Game Jam

3D Puzzle game inspired by the ‘Resident Evil 8’ crystal ball mini-games

Welcome to PowerBall, a game about transmitting power using a rolling ball. You are an electrician in a cyberpunk-inspired city and to make your job more fun, your higher-ups have made restoring power into a game. Reconnect power by charging your ball with colored electricity then rolling them into the correct ground terminals. Combine colors to meet the requirements for different power plants and ground terminals.

Download the Game on here:

Level Designer - 3D Modeler



Players are tasked with charging power balls to complete various puzzles. To do this, players must tilt the platform to move the power ball around the level.

Puzzles include:

Fixing an underground connection

Charging a broken powerplant

Color mixing power types

Project Contributions:

  • Modeled the Modular Block Pieces

  • Level Design for all 8 levels including puzzle design and lights in the holes

  • Finding the Lightning Asset in the Unity Store

  • Locating Copyright free music

  • Setting up the background Skysphere (Image from Google)

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