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Active Development

VR Arena Fighting Game

Entering the arena, you hear the cheers of the crowd. You look around to see familiar stone columns and architecture, but up in the sky floats two moons and a mysterious planet. Enemies enter the area, humanoid but not human. The sword in your hand glows and a voice wishes along side the cheers:
"Fight for the Blood God."

Concept Artist - VFX Artist

Concept Art


The Arena

Stepping into the arena you're greeted with a mix of Roman and Aztec architecture, but the sky and Gods depicted in the shrines are alien to you. Five temples surround the arena, each paying honor to a different God.

Within the arena, a stone canal runs spilled blood to the different shrines. Offering blood to the different Gods may imbue your sword with unique magical powers.


The Sword

An ancient sword infused with an unknown blood magic. It seems to draw power from the enemies it kills. Blood harvested with the sword can be used in various elemental attacks from walls of fire to lightning bolts.


Sword Design

VFX Concepts

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