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Carolina Cryptid

3D Exploration Game - Unreal 4

Waking up to a horrific noise, you find yourself trapped in an unknown forest with no idea how you got there. A lone note read:


'Find the fairy crosses. The Santer is hunting you.'

Travel through a dense forest in search of magical 'Fairy Crosses' as you try to make your way home. Be careful. You're not the only creature that wants out of this forest.

Game Designer - AI Programmer - 3D Modeler

Mechanics + Gameplay Loop


Fairy Crosses

Strange cross shaped rocks scattered throughout the forest. Somehow they hold the key to your escape. The fireflies light the way to their locations.

Upon picking up a fairy cross, the player will be fully healed and receive a checkpoint. Should they die to 'The Santer' before finding another cross, they will respawn at their most recent checkpoint.


If the Santer catches sight of you, it will growl and charge you. Take too much damage and you'll lose precious time reviving at the last checkpoint.

An axe lies somewhere in the village to help defend yourself from attacks.


The Shrine

Hidden deep in the woods is a mysterious shrine. Glowing lights on top of hollow stumps seems to be looking for something. Is this where the Fairy Crosses go?

Once the player has collected all four Fairy Crosses, a pillar of light with erupt from the shrine to guide the player to it's location should they not have stumbled upon already.


Axe Model

Modeled in Blender

Textured in Substance Painter

Shrine Model

Modeled in Blender

Textured in Substance Painter

Stumps and Effects from various Unreal Packs

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