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Monster Rhythm Game

2D Monster Collector Rhythm Game

Arriving on an isolated, tropical paradise, you listen to the distorted sounds of nature?

It seems dark magic has knocked the musical monsters out of tune.

Travel across the musical isles as you battle the local creatures in symphonic duels and bring them to their senses!

Meet the Monsters



A cat of few words. Nekotos spend their days relaxing by the river as they pluck the hairs on their multiple tails while strategically placed stones alter the sound. This creature seems to resemble an old koto and it's rumored some Nekoto have been known to have up to 13 tails.


A flower of many tones, the Horndra acts as the backbone for much of the forest sound. As Horndras age, new heads bloom to add to its personal ensemble.  The petal placements determine the sound of Horndras' heads. Current known varieties sound akin to a trumpet, trombone and french horn.


Battle System:

Battles are fought in phases!

Each side performances an attack and defense song the player must pass to survive the level.

The health of the player is determined by how many monsters you bring to battle.

Lose a defense battle, lose a monster.

Finally, the music depends on your monster!

Set whom you want to be the melody and the harmony! Combine new sound as your tune corrupted monsters!

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